Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Best Shower I've Ever Taken Is Always My Most Recent Shower

The best shower I've ever taken is always my most recent shower; I'm exceptionally grateful for hot water and those before me who made it not only possible, but effortless. In a slightly similar vein of thinking, and something that causes me pause and deep reflection: anyone's problem is everyone's problem. We can isolate and rationalize, and there are definitely folks who reap their negative sowing (and calling them out for it is just a form of rationalizing), but at 7 billion, everything aggregates. Sometimes those ripples cross geographical barriers and cross generations, making them difficult to see, but they ripple nonetheless. It's soul crushing for an individual to take on the burden of 7 billion, and it's certainly not feasible, but what is the consequence of doing nothing? What's the consequence of acquiring power and/or money (or both) and not only doing nothing, but seeking out the weaknesses of others and calling them out for it? The aggregate good! -- perhaps it's impossible, perhaps nothing quenches the individual's absolute thirst for survival. I've always assumed the human brain evolved to transcend its own biology, but if we are just someone else's lunch, we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to extend life, and that may be the most unnatural activity on our planet.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Revisiting Reticence

I thought about it the other night, slightly ironically, all night. Reticence. Sometimes there's just so much to say, so much complexity and the words just don't exist or I just haven't learned them. Or, they do exist and I have learned them, I just can't articulate them outside of me. Or, perhaps, some things never get words and there you go! Aggregate knowledge is mind blowing -- every generation, nearly everyone, layers on and on and we are going somewhere but aggregate knowledge does not manifest the goal. So what then? I re-read letters from twenty years ago and some of those conversations were so close to something remarkable -- it's almost like everyone I've ever met was always just so close to something, if only they could have a small bit of guidance from their future selves -- maybe that tips the balance to greatness. Even more maddening is that a suspiciously similar, if not exact same boat sails today and we are all in it, just further down the continuum, needing something that will never arrive in time.