Saturday, June 8, 2019

Equanimity? Or, Mental Immobility By Free Association Overdrive?

A Robert Pirsig quote from an interview with him:
"A person who follows the dharma is unpredictable because the dharma is unpredictable. I better get scholarly here. There are two dharmas. There is the written dharma which is all the laws and rules - and there are a lot of them - but Zen emphasises the unwritten dharma and to know that you have to forget the rule book. People naturally feel that Zen ritual is bullshit, and I remember Suzuki saying: Yeah, I know, but it's true anyway." 
Yeah, I know, but it's true anyway. I ❤️that. I'm not scholarly but if you meagerly poke around the internet you'll cross up Suzuki with Greatly Clumsy. I ❤️that too. If each of us can be a small but not insignificant conduit to success to everyone else around us, then we got a mesh and we can scale this thing up. You gotta be a shining light because you never know who's going to riff off of your brightness, however non-bright that may feel. 

As for great humility, how else is there to live? The more you suffer and/or the more you see others suffer -- the more you travel the road, the more you endure, it's just a plump bushel of perspective and there's a lot out there to consider. And, arrogance! Arrogance is just blindness to opportunity (someone should quote that). The moment cannot be more enjoyed by the 100-millionaire as it can be by the proletariat (or someone being tortured if s/he can dig really deep). We've veni vidi vici'd ourselves until all the cows came home (and went back), but how many moments just flit by and what's the cost?

(ed. note: It's been a long week and I've been editing-before-writing way too much: it's a disease! I feel like I am writing 3 or 4 posts in my head at once and it's just killing progress. So apologies for the delay, but my rekindled journal is not dead, back on the horse and ride.)

Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Problem With Nuanced Arguments

Intent and integrity don't hold a candle to marketing and self-gain -- either you believe that and take advantage of it or you don't and you get taken advantage of -- oh the beauty. 👈 This sort of reasoning is old style "y'all can't all be wrong" and I don't like to dabble in it. But, I can and do promise you the future-positive so we can deviate for a post or two (it's discretionary man!*) . In consideration of this post's title, the problem with nuanced arguments is that:

#1) I don't like it.
#1.33̅: I fucking hate it, but...
#1.66̅: I'm not allowed to swear.

#2) If you have 4 minutes (which you don't) Emo Philips long ago proved this and yet the most aluminated* of the Illuminati win their social media wars with stuff I can't even begin to understand*: the pontification drools everywhere and the thumbs go up. Could the puke go out?

#3) Number 3 is withheld in nuanced consideration.

* Or woman.
* Probably want to look this one up.
* The irony of y'all can't all be wrong's content is not lost on me but there's valor in bashing you over the head versus daintily trying to prove that you are different than me and that I am smarter than you. In other words it's Heineken v Pabst -- you get to decide who's who.

If that 4 minutes still eludes you, just fast forward to the last minute of this song: