Tuesday, March 9, 2021

People always ask me why do you phrase things like you were raised by a Midwestern hack? and I say "well, I was raised by a Midwestern hack."

"He spent all night staring down at the lights of L.A.
Wondering if he could ever go home"

It's a quote, therefore Googleable ^^^. You haven't quite gotten to the highlife if you haven't enjoyed the pairing of a Hostess Crunch donette and some kick-tail espresso -- espresso perhaps from a place like Revolver in Vancouver, B.C. (and if you would not, could not with a fox, I cannot help you -- there are barriers and constraints, you know!) Oh shoot, the aforementioned Seger quote, I got distracted (is it too provincial to quote Seger? It at least sounds cool, if not scholarly: Jung, Kant, Emerson, Seger, etc. Sounds good to me, and, dear god, not Pete Seeger, not that that is terrible, but there's only one Seger really and it's the Bob type. I think I'm still within a parenthesis at this moment, so, here you go -> ). Ha, I feel like I am just lost in Richard Lewis' head at times, and that's cool 'cause I presume it mostly worked out well for him. Right, so, the aforementioned quote, that's where ego gets you. I mean, eventually you can get rich enough and go live in Clam Lake or elsewhere, and that's cool and all, but what about the rest of us who set out for betterment and be-damn the point of no return, then what? I figured out my problem this week -- at least one of them: one cannot seek enlightenment and also simultaneously choose to be crushed by cynicism -- but when has cynicism not won? Ah, nope, don't answer that. I got to at least try to sleep peacefully tonight. Procrastinators always have more fun so I am going to figure this one out tomorrow.