Friday, May 26, 2023

Mental Health Awareness Month → Blah, Blah, Blah

 Eddie Murphy couldn't write a bigger joke. First of all, unless you have a pathogen in your brain, or cancer, aneurysm, etc., it ain't illness, it was just bad programming or it's just the way you are and you just happen to bother the rest of the people around you. Fuck 'em all, yeah I said "fuck" -- it's just a fucking word, it don't mean shit unless you let it mean shit, but then fuck would mean shit and you'd cause confusion everywhere. Second, the people who can actually bring more equanimity to the world, the ones with the power, aren't really interested in doing so. Just keep the people one or two steps away from revolting and all will be well on your yacht, otherwise, likely no yacht.  Lastly, your supposed "mental health" can and will be used against you. When we start weaponizing health (and as we currently do, cigarette smokers and health insurance, hello!) -- so, worth repeating, when we start weaponizing health, it's all over. Sure, if you are rich, go tell your sob story of whatever ailments you have, grab some sympathy and marketing clicks, but if you are poor or in the class of precarity, it's your own economic suicide to do anything but show everyone else that you have zero fucking vulnerabilities. And, while we are at it, can the corporate world stop weaponizing "empathy" -- that word doesn't belong to y'all, you don't need it anyway.