Friday, September 25, 2020

The Only Real Courage Is To Give It All Away

I think I am on the brink of this ^ title tonight. Why fight it? You know your truth and forever is a mighty long time -- and this is something I very much learned in my Minneapolis days. And your truth might be the truth but proving it would take eternal energy and all I've got for you (or all you've got for me) is what remains for tonight. I can't even find Lorna Doone's in Seattle anymore, so, what does that mean? Don't be a Capricorn in December? I think it all goes back to the moment. If you want a good moment, spend it with me. If you want a bad moment, spend it with me. I'm both sides of the yin and yang -- it makes it hard when you are betting on the Sunday Night Football game. I've had to stare into some exceptionally challenging things in life and there's zero reward for this. I mean, you may win a game of pool along the way, tell a joke where someone laughs, write a blog post that gets 2+ hits, but where's truth? Where's belonging? I used to believe in sacred shit until someone told me that sacred is just a word that someone invented. On the other hand, I do believe in rivers and Steller's Jays and moments that were meant to be -- and the aggregation of moments, they are the defining pillars of my life. "Save my life I'm going down for the last time" -- I heard that once buying a $1.25 schooner of beer. I was dumb enough believe it. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Sparkly-Rainbow Was My Daughter's Favorite Color For About Five Years

Sparkly-Rainbow, I get it now, all the colors jammed into one, but that's not enough so you gotta add sparkles to it. Which, inside joke to my non-readers, I still keep promising that I am going to write about sparklers and don't do it. Today at least, we got as close as sparkly and that's going to have to suffice. Sparkly-rainbow represents my emotional state for the past month, all the feelings jammed into one and then add sparkles, 'cause shit, once you are on the roller coaster, make it higher, make it lower, put the cars on backward, let's go. This isn't a bad thing. Well, it is if you are trying to go all Fortune-500 and hide from vulnerabilities and make some sort of impression that can be indelibly printed on a CV. I don't know, we have all these societal ills that could simply solved by real, deep dialogue but then when someone genuinely opens his/her mouth everyone else in the room freaks out and points the collective finger of shame. Everyone is just trying to figure it out, are we not able to give everyone her/his/their grace? And, while I can see the upside to social media, I think social media has really buried truth so far into the ground, it's never coming back. Everything's got to be perfect for now and evermore. Marketing was genius 1950 - 2000 and now marketing is just an insidious presence that no one has any grip on. Ouch! I need to catch myself. This whole post was supposed to be about how old school y'all can't all be wrong was an unfortunate arrogant take about falling into depression and how new school y'all can't all be wrong is a transcendence of that state of mind -- and, it generally has been, but then that first "paragraph" just happened. Maybe the new blog version is just sparkly-rainbow, a preschooler's definition of karma.

I can find joy in that today is September 1st, which could be just a day or could be any date. Or, I can attach meaning to it. It's up to me, and that's the point. Gotta find joy in your environment because when you do, your environment finds joy in you. 

I wrote while listening to many songs tonight, likely all of them (and add sparkles) -- so while the non-marketing decision would have been to choose David Bowie's Let's Dance, I'm going with the varnish of marketing tonight, sap and 70s beer commercial all in one, and hey, Fee Waybill, so it can't be all that bad!