Monday, July 22, 2019

Revisiting Reticence

I thought about it the other night, slightly ironically, all night. Reticence. Sometimes there's just so much to say, so much complexity and the words just don't exist or I just haven't learned them. Or, they do exist and I have learned them, I just can't articulate them outside of me. Or, perhaps, some things never get words and there you go! Aggregate knowledge is mind blowing -- every generation, nearly everyone, layers on and on and we are going somewhere but aggregate knowledge does not manifest the goal. So what then? I re-read letters from twenty years ago and some of those conversations were so close to something remarkable -- it's almost like everyone I've ever met was always just so close to something, if only they could have a small bit of guidance from their future selves -- maybe that tips the balance to greatness. Even more maddening is that a suspiciously similar, if not exact same boat sails today and we are all in it, just further down the continuum, needing something that will never arrive in time.

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