Sunday, June 28, 2020

Lessons From COVID-19

A lot of stuff is going to be learned after all this COVID stuff is done. We are all connected, all of our energy is here all the time. If you have a little voice, or inner voice, or you believe that there is an in-between in the here and now, y'all gotta pay attention. Complacency builds like sediment and soon-enough the river has a new shape, if not new course. Rivers, however, always reach their destination so they are the embodiment of resilience, however twisted they are.
So, with texting, and emails, and Slack, and FaceTime, and fill-in-your-communication-choice-here, the minutia communications of life get rolled in with the important ones, and every message effectively gets diluted. And emoji use, just doesn't convey enough: maybe that ❤️ really means a 5 paragraph letters of hearts -- how is anyone to know? 
So advice. Yes, I am actually offering up advice, something that I am forcefully loath to do. For all the stellar dyads out there, each of you grab an email address that only your other half knows about (well, excluding Wayfair, but, you know!) so that each of you have a dedicated communication channel. Then, when a message gets sent on that channel, you know that it's the real deal, that it conveys real meaning and it requires real attention. It can be any message, a message of love, a playful message, a somber message, but you know it was sent with serious, deliberate intent. The shuffle will lose everyone, avoid playing its game.  

The Difference 

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