Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Box In The Hall Is Gone

When I was a child (I thought as a child no no no no!!), I was sad and reluctant to use things that required batteries because I knew the batteries would run out of energy and that I couldn't afford to get new ones. Same with magic markers, soon they'd run out of magic and then they couldn't be used to make fanciful pictures with loop de loops to a better place, real or imaginary (in some childhoods it really fucking doesn't matter).

Stream of consciousness prose (from last year) 🤢:

The Whiskey Buddha:
Sometimes you drink the bitterness to make the sweet taste better,
There’s no BS in my blood. 
There’s unrelenting light 
There’s the arc of a madman 
There’s the edge of the moment 
As only the moment knows. 
There’s blistering demand 
To the Demian path
To the things that shatter comfort
And ring the silenced bells 
There’s no pageant with a permit,
My sandwich board don’t have no neon lights. 
There’s demand
There’s demand
There’s demand
To take the pain for the gold,
To paint pictures with loops and curls,
To admonish the mirror, 
To the appointment with the stone.

Deliberate prose 🤮-- written for my beautiful cat who never wanted to let go -- better to have known (than not at all) for absolute sure. Carry on: strength, perseverance, resilience, adaptability!!! 
The box in the hall is gone,
It's tangled in the earth.
And the price that it takes to love,
Is set by the cost of the hurt.

You followed the road to yourself,
To its appointed end,
You never looked back
To the things that might have been.

The light from nothing
Is always there when you're down.
And your light from nothing will be here
When you're gone.


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