Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Fake Coolness Requires Polarity

But what is coolness anyway? It's really just the work you need to do to get back to the center, to equilibrium. It's always easier to dish out hurt, there's no real effort or thought required, you just act and don't think. But coolness, as we know it in Western terms, requires some sort of fake, if not sick acquiescence. But, the dopamine hit is large and in the meantime the Crazy Horse Memorial just gets chipped away at slowly, all the while hundreds of thousands gawk at Mount Rushmore. I mean, don't get me wrong, I can find coolness in everything, but the coolest of the cool have mental and emotional discipline, an ascetical bent that can kick your ass and my ass combined. I mean, if I dropped a world class selling album, I could only be so cool as to follow up it with a song like Over & Over -- it's iconoclastic, humbling and full or grace, and maybe it does require a listener's acquiescence, so maybe I am just talking in circles, over and over!

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