Thursday, July 16, 2020

In Complete Darkness The Tiniest Spark Is Fucking Bright

After that title ^ you'd have to bare your soul to write anything good and shred your soul to write anything great. I ain't got that in me tonight. Perhaps someday, but I'm always waiting to prove myself so I can justify that an autobiographical piece has worldly worthiness. I know it doesn't work that way. I'm a monk in an Audi; I'm the crow with blue eyes and the duality is loud. Just look at that illustration over there ->
I once put a 9V battery across my top and bottom braces -- do not do this!!! It's mofo-highly contraindicated! That sucked but tonight is harder -- god likes to play jokes and you just have to laugh otherwise god is likely to play another one. And despite the vastness of the universe, almost everything gets reduced to a choice of two (unless you are a computer scientist and then you've got null). Black/white, yin/yang, plus/minus, you get the picture. So, when you are flattened, you either shake your head out like the cartoon character after the anvil hits it, or, you don't. And, where's the fun in choosing don't? Plus, once that spark hits, the one you really need, then there's no doubt, just direction. For tonight, I'll take it. It sounds like a Cars' song but that cheapens it. I'm going with Todd is god. 

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